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Sure, but the problem with online RPGs is that they don't end. There's no concrete ending. So what if the 1-50 level grind is "basically a single-player RPG?" The endgame will be stupid "don't stand in the fire" boss raids for loot to kill stronger bosses that drop stronger loot to kill even stronger bosses that drop even stronger loot to kill...

Ad infinitum, ad nauseum.

I'd really applaud Bioware if they made this game have a definite end, as in, you complete the storyline and you get a cinematic ending, just like any single-player game. And then you have the option to keep playing after the end for the poopsock endgame.

But I doubt they'll actually do that. EA would never let them--that's money escaping right there. No, I don't hate online RPGs because they're online, or because they're bad games. WoW was a good game, a fun game, and had a wonderful moddable UI.

What pisses me off about online RPGs is they are intentionally designed to be as psychologically addictive and soul-sucking as possible. They want you addicted, logged in and miserable, not having fun but unable to quit due to effort invested and changes promised, as they dangle the carrot of "game balancing patch" or "content patch" and keep you playing and paying. It's how they make money. If they actually added enough content to keep people playing purely for enjoyment above all, they'd go bankrupt. That would require new content added weekly at the very least for the most skilled min-maxers and binge gamers.

They're not games. They're digital drugs, and while I am not saying they should be banned or be illegal, I'm saying that smart people should avoid playing them. At least with a single-player game, even if you play it obsessively, you eventually reach the end and that's it. With online RPGs, the goal is to keep you paying that monthly fee as long as possible.
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