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I found it harder at the time to switch from EQ to WoW for the same reason you mentioned. But I played WoW for 6 years and only recently stopped playing. I just didn't really have the level of interest I used to, I had sort of been aware of it for a while I guess but I just kept raiding and so on because I liked the players. Although at the beginning of Cata we lost about half a dozen or so people to real life stuff which just made my lack of interest even more evident. So when the guild called for a raiding break for two weeks, I just stayed away and haven't gone back for 3 months, my sub runs out in November too.

The numbers thing has irritated me for years. I didn't really feel it was all that important in EQ - or at least not as obvious. I guess I was 15 at the time so it didn't really ring all that highly too me -even if I was a consistently high performer, as far as Bards went (5 song twisting hoo). Anyway, I kind of wish that the numbers were hidden from players or something to force the focus away from spreadsheets and the like and back into actual game play and story and taking items because they look awesome or are unique. It was a long time ago now but EQ did seem to have that.. soo many flavor items (Shawl of the Neriad, etc).

Fairly spot on with the balancing act that devs have to play too. They don't get enough credit at times, people only ever focus on the negatives.

I guess EVE is probably close to what you mention as a sandbox, but it is a numbers game. Heh economic sandbox.

Will say one thing for WoW, if you think it is a positive thing or not.. well.. that's up to you. It has "revolutionised" and pretty much invigorated an entire industry which has led us to what we have today in the form of SWTOR, and others. If we didn't have WoW I doubt there would be even half the MMO's there are today.
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