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Lets be reality
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I was Cagalli from Concept, and a lot of people thought I was in Ruined (elitist douches with guild enforced forum bans lol) or from Blackrock. Funniest part was when they thought I was that guy from Blackrock (some warlock beginning with I) because I used his pic of his group beating that RP server to make fun of them lol. I remember when my arena team (Norako, Elendril etc) and friends run into him in WSG and were like "Kill hecklor!!" lol.

I'm pretty sure the old school Horde pvp players knew, they knew I was pissed at me and Elendrils Concept WSG groups getting cockblocked by that new batch of Horde PVPers. And hecklor was always giving props to them, shitting on the new guys and mentioning how they called Concept gear scrubs and some of the guys in that were in the best ranked arena team on the server. (and we were pretty scrubby too lol).

Still think Elendrils the best mage I played with, I remember he smashed me and Houndus for an hour straight in duels when he had a pve fire raid spec on and we were both using the top frost pvp spec. And than a year later Houndus becomes one of the best mages in the battlegroup... that guy was crazy, I remember he and 2 friends went to a different battle group, convinced them they were from a top European raiding guild here to show them how to pvp and than easily took the Merciless Glad ranking for 3v3. Quality play and trolling lol.
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