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Originally Posted by Raviel View Post
I've developed a greater appreciation for this ep after watching it a second time.

So basically this is England's situation?

1. They can't attack Musashi because most of their forces are tied up getting ready for the battle with the Spanish Armada.

2. They requested help from other nations to be able to deal with Musashi but Masazumi turns this around thus making it look like England is taking advantage of other countries, which in turn puts England in Musashi's debt (?)

3. Use of Excalibur is out of the question since it would make historical re-enactment a problem for them later on.

Did I get it right so far?
My Interpretation of
#2, England has NOT requested help yet. Masazumi points out it would be a lost of face to England if they had to request help to deal with Musashi.
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