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Originally Posted by Xaturas View Post
There can be only one Cloud and one Sephiroth.
Though trough whole episode I was hoping that Toori to would enter the scene and do something badass. Every ep I hope he will do something more than just be a comic relief. I know that all of his retainers have super powers in various departmens and also are super smart. But I really wish that the man himself will shine. In season one he had more situations where he behaved like a true king, hope he will have some moments in this season to. Having him flash his ass can be funny for a certain amount of time.
Toori is a worshipper of the God of Entertainment. He is a professional comedian the same way his sister is an erotic dancer. He is the Jester. He will never be regal, that's against his religion.

In a way, his lifelong contract is a religious commitment. In the sense that in exchange for perks, sadness is now punishable by death. He knew about this ahead of time from when Horizon first died, so he had trained himself to be who he is today.

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