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Originally Posted by Xaturas View Post
I just really lack the feeling of MC doing something meaningful. I'm more than content with boobs and ass everywhere and *girls rock* in every scene. But I sometimes wish for MC which Toori is like it or not, to do something cool once in a while.
For example in that scene where he was a girl, he could do some smart jokes to the queen and stuff. And yet all we got is his harem stripping him naked and binding him in some locker room, like in some cheap BSDM p0rn.
Tori is a jester. He doesn't make smart jokes; that's his sister's job. I just think if you are hoping he would become something other than who he made himself the last few years, you are setting up for disappointment.

Tori delegates. The VP is much better than him in doing serious political talk, so he let her do the negotiations with the queen. The same way he let the treasurer handle the money. That's how a ruler works; to use the people under your command effectively, not to do stuff personally when there are better people for the task.
Tori made it clear exactly what he wanted. This is really his true duty; to make the final decision on the direction his country would go, and take the responsibility for the consequences. He might have been stripped naked and tied up, but his will is still carried out to the letter.
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