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Too many points at which opposite could be applied, even within that one sentence. So I'm not able to infer which point. I'm no Yuki you know ).

Btw I don't indulge much in Western/American TV or cinema. It's why I've joined this place in the past few months. But it's still wildly successful. I may be contradicting myself at some points--it happens during intense talks. I like to think I'll admit to it if called on it.

I guess the only definitive answer as to which camp is right (overrated, under, just right) is that time will tell. I think it's too recent to make judgment calls. However, being only a recently converted fan of anime myself, I don't have historical perspective about what has happened in past situations like this. I do know that markets correct themselves eventually. It did not escape my notice (accurate, unless I'm mistaken) that KGNE for one seems to have cooled with the passing of time.

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