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Originally Posted by Kamui4356
Just wondering, have you gone back and watched episode one again, after seeing the rest of the series? You might find your opinion of the episode change after becoming more familiar with the characters.
That might be true, but should a good series require multiple viewings to absorb and understand? I guess this is an honest question. After all it's a show, not a puzzle, I figure. Of course all the characters were strangers in the first ep and I had no idea who was who--but this series decided to be different and dump ppl right in. I found it somewhat gimmicky.

I'd say about 8.5 so I rounded in the generous direction. My opinion too could change with time, dunno. With each new series I gain new perspective and often changed perceptions of prior series. LH FTW always though. If Haruhi were ugly or plain and the ED dance were absent, my score may have dropped substantially. Kiss also raised it a lot. Blush could've done more if only it had happened.
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