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Originally Posted by arias
I'm not sure what the hell your point is though, and what that portion of the post is for.. they're all rather obvious points.
Umm... If they're rather obvious, why are you asking what my point was? Also, what's with the "what the hell"? Kind of a rude way to phrase things to someone who wasn't even responding to you...

I was responding to Shredder's comments that the declining bt downloads were somehow indicitave of how well the series will stand the test of time. I was merely pointing out that it's common for a series to decline in downloads as people decide it isn't for them, while offering speculations to reasons for it in this case, based on which episodes saw the biggest drops in downloads.

As for my almost naruto/bleach territory comment, I was using that to show the number of downloads were unsustainable for an anime targeted at otaku. Only mainstream series like Naruto and Bleach get that many downloads. Last time I checked, Bleach was getting about 100k downloads per episode, and Naruto about 170k, with some peaking above 200k. I'm not aware of any other series breaking the 100k barrier. Now that was a while ago, and I'm sure they've since gone up, but I don't care enough to check.

Originally Posted by Shredder
That might be true, but should a good series require multiple viewings to absorb and understand? I guess this is an honest question. After all it's a show, not a puzzle, I figure. Of course all the characters were strangers in the first ep and I had no idea who was who--but this series decided to be different and dump ppl right in. I found it somewhat gimmicky.
Ah, but that's exactly my definition of a good show. I like shows that you can watch over and over, discovering something new each time. I do kind of agree with you about episode one dumping you right in though. While I don't personally mind it, like I mentioned before, whenever I recommend the series to someone, I tell them about episode 1 for that very reason.
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