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*Rewatchability* is one of my key factors in determining the goodness of a series (just like a book is better if I can reread it periodically and continue to enjoy it or spot things I missed or reconnect with the story in a new light).

I've been suggesting to anyone I think would like this series that they start with episode two and come back to one later unless they've had some experience with "disorienting" film technique (suddenly "12 Monkeys" springs to mind or a couple of Hitchcock films). They also have to commit to watching the first five episodes before making any judgement.

In my case, about 10 minutes into ep 1, I could see we were getting foreshadow clues and that this was a really well-animated version of a "student made film". The narration was what really kept me intrigued with its dry sardonic comment.
Then at the end when it cuts to "real life" (normal KyoAni animation), its really an eyecatch event.
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