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Originally Posted by Kamui4356
Umm... If they're rather obvious, why are you asking what my point was? Also, what's with the "what the hell"? Kind of a rude way to phrase things to someone who wasn't even responding to you...


As for my almost naruto/bleach territory comment, I was using that to show the number of downloads were unsustainable for an anime targeted at otaku. Only mainstream series like Naruto and Bleach get that many downloads. Last time I checked, Bleach was getting about 100k downloads per episode, and Naruto about 170k, with some peaking above 200k. I'm not aware of any other series breaking the 100k barrier. Now that was a while ago, and I'm sure they've since gone up, but I don't care enough to check.
Well, cry me a river if you feel hurt.

You're right about unsustainability, it's just that you weren't anywhere nearly as clear in your previous post which would not have informed Shredder of SuzuHaru's unique status apart from the other anime. I think AMG actually sustained a fairly high number of downloads for quite some time; with many episodes from the first season roaming around 120k. However, it's now probably dropped to lower than 40k..

We have to be careful about generalizing the target audience factor to other anime in your notion of unsustainability, though. AMG S2 and more notably recently, School Rumble S2's BT downloads have dropped probably in part because of their inconsistent subbing schedule. People just drop it and leave because of that.. SuzuHaru had a really consistent subbing schedule so this couldn't have been the case. In any case, while it is likely that the viewership target of SuzuHaru played a part in its BT downloads dip, I think the fact that it was a steady decline in BT download figures that hints that there's abit more to the story.

It just really says that it's losing more and more of its audience as it runs (eventually stabilizing at 40,000+/-).. whereas you'd think that if it were just the otaku/mainstream factor, the dip would have been rather immediate and the stabilization occur more quickly than not.
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