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Originally Posted by Kaoru Chujo
But I also can't help feeling odd when other people don't like the shows I like. I worry that I'm missing some great fault that they can see. I don't want to be different from other people, it just seems to happen. And the more people like the shows I like, the more likely it is that other similar shows will be made.
It's because you're having difficulty reconciling the difference between something being "good" and it being "something you like". I can look at anyone's list of shows they like and find shows that are not good in there. Something doesn't have to be good (i.e. executed well) to be enjoyable - similarly, things that are good will not be enjoyed by everyone. And there's nothing wrong with that, a large part of enjoyment has to do with how a work resonates with the viewer. Since each person has different experiences - each has a different resonance with any particular work. The problem is that people are sort of wired to expect that they only like "good" things and dislike "bad" things - leading to silly discussions like this whereby people make up reasons for something being "good" or "bad" when what they are in fact discussing is whether they enjoyed it or not.

That being said, SHnY is obviously good (it was done by KyoAni and was executed as well as their previous series have been), but that doesn't necessarily make it enjoyable. Personally I found the episode skippage part of it's quirky charm. But then I'm also in the minorest of minorities, I watched the whole thing and didn't particularly love it nor did I dislike it. I found it to be an enjoyable watch with some interesting subplots, but if my choice had been this and another season of FMP!TSR, I'd have taken FMP. Now if my choice is this or a remake of Kanon, I'd take another season of this any day of the week. I thought it started stronger than it ended, but it still ended very well it had a lot of nice touches and nods to it's own continuity. And, most importantly to the author, it made me interested in picking up the novels. Like Higurashi no naku koro ni though, I can't help but feel like there's a much better story contained in the original source material. I mean MUCH better, it has the feel of something that has been compressed a lot to fit in what KyoAni wanted to do.
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