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Originally Posted by Kamui4356
But a big chunk of the dip was immediate, and it wasn't really a steady decline. Most of the audience SuzuHaru lost were so after episodes 1(~20k), 4(~10k), and 5(~14k). It's not so much that each episode bled a lot of viewers, as a few episodes caused a lot of people to drop it. If the decline had been more evenly distributed, I'd agree with you, but most of it came after just 3 of them.
I think your statistics are not representative of the actual situation.. mainly because 20k + 10k + 14k = 44k. SuzuHaru's initial viewcount was 120-140k. Let's be conservative and say 120k, so taking away your 44k means that 76k is left.

We all know that it stabilized at about 40k towards the end, so the audience loss is obviously much more than what you've claimed.
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