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Okay. To start things off: I find it very strange that, like Magnus pointed, Ranka starts out much more outgoing than what's shown at the later portions of the series. Also, I still strongly dislike how Sheryl acts here (sorry, Magnus, I'm on Cathy's side on this), outside of her professionalism, as shown during her "rescue" - that's always been a high point, for me.

As for the Vajra being manipulated and a good-natured species... Well, I guess you can always use the "they didn't understand individualism" theory, but that doesn't really fly, with me. Still don't like the little (?) bugs.

Other than that, I still can't get used to how pretty everything looks. This kind of thing really is what Blu-Ray was made for, I think. Let's see what else you guys bring up!
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