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I first want to express how much will power and self control it took, not to watch episode two.

I remember this part!

Mmmm....animated GIF worthy.

Amazing technology, truly.

Lastly, I'm afraid I might be the party pooper here. Sheryl was the first one to leave the stadium, right? Then why is that by the time Ranka is long gone, she is just getting into a limo?

Originally Posted by magnuskn View Post
02:25 - I also adore the opening sequence, showing all the colonization fleets leaving Earth and later on Eden. It shows how vast the Macross universe really is and how much stories there are to tell in it.
I noticed more of what I missed last time as well. I really hope they tell us more in the future.
09:40 - Heh, I still wonder why they portrayed Sheryl to be so aloof and snooty in the first episode, contrasting with every other portrayal we got of her later on. Its as if they wanted for people to initially dislike her. Not that her behavior is really all that bad, shes self-admittedly jet-lagged and fold-sick. Although that already may have passed, since its obviously quite some time later.
I don't think they portrayed her as such - she is that. What's great about Sheryl's character is that we see how much she grows.

10:16 - Cathy is a bit too harsh on Sheryl, though, calling her a bitch. Sheryl is a self-admitted perfectionist, and seeing things in her concert being not perfect visibly sets her off.
Nah. Cathy was right.

18:55 Hm, maybe I am being blind, but that accident isnt even Altos fault, he is flying level at this point and the dude beside him suddenly loses control, colliding with Alto.
Well...he shouldn't have been doing it in the first place...
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One question I always had: How's the detour that Ranka took to the concert hall a shortcut? The whole thing seems to be an artificial construct to get Ranka to meet Alto.
Well, she didn't know where she was going so she was looking for a shortcut. Just because you look for one, doesn't mean you'll find one, right?
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