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Might i say, it sure is a great pleasure being able to watch this show again. The first episode does such a bang on job of setting us up for what's to come in terms of story development, along with the little preview of the character interaction. Plus with how damn beautiful the first episode looks (especially the second half), i could rewatch it over and over again.

Unlike BetoJR, i don't truly dislike the attitude Sheryl has, though i don't like it that much. It's understandable that such a strong minded musician would have that type of personality, so i can let it slide. Plus it's a great way to hide just what we'll see of her in just a few episodes. :3

& there we have our first two Yoko Kanno BGM's that were never released on CD . The piece used when the UN Fighters attacks the Vajra, and the next one following straight after with Alto and Ranka's conversation while her clothes are drying.

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Since the idea for the thread came from me
Well it was quite a few people actually.

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I wish I could understand the Japanese. They STILL haven't licensed it outside of Japan. They jump on series like Highschool of the Dead but leave the greats alone. *sigh*
Well there's a solid reason as to why we'll never see Macross Frontier licensed.

Keep up the screenshots guys. Can't take them on the PS3, though i'd love to make a collection. :3

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