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If it metaphorically represents a conflict Yasu actually had, that's fine too. I'm just not specifically addressing that, as with respect to Kanon and Shannon as fictional characters (regardless of any "true" existence in whatever form), they serve as representatives in the metaphor, rather than the actual aspects of the conflict itself. Which is to say, they don't matter as concerns the two servant characters as they appear in the fictions we've read, which is where they've gained development and "become human." It's like asking what Erika's disappearance means about the fate of Furudo-Prime. It's two different discussions that we'd have to examine thematically. Which I haven't done.
This is something I've found very true of Umineko. Originally it shows us so many different things in a melting pot, and when you try to examine and/or discuss it, the different layers, themes and matters all get muddled. There's the mystery, the meta world, the characters, the presentation, and this is all before getting into any kind of themes, symbolism or character development. Then to try to explain your perspective or theory on two or more of these thing combined, it becomes a very difficult task.

This is one general problem I've found with putting everything into one 'speculation' thread, but that's a different issue.
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