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What I said with
do they really have different meanings and implications? If they do then I'm sorry, but actually I meant to imply the latter in the earlier, //regardless of whether this is what actually Renall meant or not//. So what did you really deny in this first reply of yours?
read this part

Shannon and Kanon are furniture. Furniture attends to the needs of the witch and serves the witch's ends. From the standpoint that the witch is the teller of stories (whether literally or in "magic" terms, or one and the same if you wish), furniture are literary devices that serve the ends of the storyteller.

Shannon and Kanon are created as literal literary furniture, dehumanized pieces put into place to fulfill the needs of the writer. They don't really have backstories, they're servant characters (a traditional utility role), they're given magic powers when it suits (described as human forms created by Kinzo's magic), whatever is required.
I think he's basically saying that they're furniture or fictional characters that served to move the plot forward for the author (the witch). They only existed in the message bottles for this purpose as well as for their respected romantic roles. Theoretically a servant could exist on Rokkenjima prime but in his theory Kanon and Shannon weren't that servant. Since the theory proposes that Shannon and Kanon are fictions Shkanon is also fictional.

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I've never understood the whole difficulty rating in Umineko, it starts as "just watch" to "just surrender" and gets progressively "easier" until EP7 where it goes back up. I have a general idea that its the amount of hints given out on those arcs would make it far easier to solve the previous arcs and the people that already had solved it or had a good idea of how the events where really being played out where just corroborating what they already new. How did EP7 change that?
The core arcs are reflecting on the difficulty of previous episodes. What you see in the mirror is really the opposite of what you're really seeing correct?

Episode 1's difficulty was "standard" and it went on to episode 2 by being "first rate" which is probably the highest difficulty.

Episode's 5 was 'fairly easy' and it went to episode 6 by having absolutely no difficulty at all.

Episode 3 was made "equal" as in fair for both sides to make it gradually easier for the readers to come to conclusions. Episode 7's difficulty was risen for the opposite reason because you don't need it to be any easier.

Episode 4's difficulty "depended entirely on the player". But episode 8 is not stated to be an opposite of this. So I don't beleive it's a breakdown. The interview states it has choices that some of them will be difficult probably depending on the reader. So rather than being a reflection I think it will be the same difficulty as episode 4.
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