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Yay, you're finally on it Such a fun game and some of the best facial expression ever. You really notice that it's the Gollum guy - from the quality of the work I mean. It's a shame people aren't really aware of it.
You bet. It's been on top of the "to-do" pile for a good while now, so I'm glad to finally start digging in. I'm currently on the 4th chapter and still haven't upgraded anything yet. I always have a hard time making those decisions, so it usually gets put off until my ass really gets kicked. Any suggestions? I'm thinking of going with health stats...seems like the safe pick.

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LOL .... I really need to get that pile of cuteness D:
Beware. It has the power to turn grown men into sappy piles of mush!

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Also rolling around with Katamari Damacy again. Do you wanna know how I totally got the idea I so should play it again?
I made a snow ball in my garden instead of shoveling snow. Started to roll my ball and made it bigger. Hummed "na naaa na na na na na na naaa". And pondered how long it would take me to roll a snow ball big enough to roll my dog who jumped around me like a dolphin the whole time.
He's good at evading so I thought I might be better off rolling virtual dogs. And without my neighbours getting more proof that I'm crazy.

na naaa na na na na na na naaaaaaa~

Actually, that reminds me when I was a kid, I made a village of tiny snowmen all over the top of my neighbor's car. I guess I didn't really have a sense of personal property back then. It didn't occur to me until later that the family probably came out to their driveway thinking "WTF". God, I love snow.

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