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The final plot-relevant conversation between Chifuyu and Houki was incomprehensible. My brain was melted from all the jiggle. I think it went something like this:

Chifuyu: You know, the viewers are looking for you. They can't wait to draw extra gratuitous fanart of you in your swimsuit.
Houki: I'm not like your other students. I actually have dignity in this harem slave world.
Chifuyu: Yes, standing on this cliff overlooking the beach makes you look very cool.
Houki: Do you like how my long hair blows in the wind? I've been watching a lot of Inuyasha lately... Sesshomaru is so hot when he does this.
Chifuyu: That only works for boys. The animators sent me here to get the obligatory camera full body shot.
Houki: Is there no hope for decency in this anime?!
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