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As bears repeating, I grew up in a jungle in the middle of nowhere and only achieved broadband about 5 years ago. Despite my command of English (which has caused me to become the de facto SOP/Manual/Official Document/Memo writer of my company's Customer Service Centre for both Malaysia and Singapore branches), I'm a Malaysian national.

As a result of living in the middle of nowhere, what tools we had were utilitarian and simple, a fact that has since influenced me in daily life, and has thus influenced my OC.

Now mind you this can be used to show differing opinions - we've got an SSR OC with exotic weaponry and special abilities on her side, clashing opinions with an Assault OC who's more down to earth and has no special abilities beyond a near-photographic memory for music, Bad Boys 2 and Hot Fuzz.
I am dyslexic and have bad command of practically every single language - I write in a certain pattern so as to keep track of what I wrote - and that pattern comes from mostly technical writeouts.

If what I write is confusing, ask. Don't deride.

I've seen folding axes, but the idea of a folding axe that folds down into a baton strikes me as a bit odd. Also, while obviously anyone can use anything as a weapon - see Jackie Chan for a more humorous fountain of examples - the idea behind a folding axe is as a portable tool.

Also, you didn't mention stun batons. I'm aware those exist.

Again, as I said, our differing opinions between the exotic and the mundane.
The tonfa doesn't kill, but it looks less dangerous than an axe. Psychology is part of combat - flip the handle in and the axe blade comes out on the other end..

Besides, the dagger can't reach places just a little longer than the arm. The axe does. Also, a boarding axe adds the capability to hook onto places.

Simply put, it is a piece of equipment that has more use than just simply attack - it creates opportunities for more unconventional battle tactics, like every other weapon she owns.

TK has said most of what I'd say on this.

I just want to chime in that in much of my reading of books and millblogs a common theme in house clearing is that fixed bayonets is rarely used as it increases the length of the rifle, and makes it harder to handle in close quarters.
If you look through one of the Royal Marine Commando engagements in Afghanistan videos, they fix bayonets on the L85s when searching houses.

Also, there is a rifle fighting technique for urban-fighting, and there are a few moves that were taught to counter weapon grabs. I learnt that.

I'll have to reaquire that book to quote properly, but author Dick Couch wrote on SEAL Qualification Training in one of his books, The Finishing School - knife combat was discussed, as also what to do when the rifle is grabbed. In very few cases were SEALs encouraged to knife fight the opponent; rather as the opponent grabs the rifle, SEALs were taught to use rifle and opponent's momentum against him to club him to the ground. And then shoot.
In CQB, decisions are made in split seconds, and the party that makes the most mistakes usually sustain the most injuries. I'd rather take my chances with an off-hand punch or knife than to execute some complex momentum-throw technique - remember that your body does not move the way you want it to when you are tired, so the knife is more practical.

Your enemy either let go of the gun or grabs your knife, either way he is technically the one at higher risk because the weapons are both pointed at him.

Only concrete drill heads, of which I have a few in my Dad's tool box. That said... it's a hugeass damned thing which needs power to be able to move the blade fast enough to cut. Now okay, if Ayari's weapon is using Irokane and it's a special ability then fine, but there's a reason you don't see concrete saws used much by SWAT teams.
Concrete saws are used when you want to cut out a specific section. My idea is that she simply wanted to hit someone behind a wall. Run the blade through it, and he's incapacitated.

And being someone with a short-temper, she has PLENTY of people whom she wants to kill.

Given the amount of work that has to go into this... why not just stick to the MP7? With all the bits folded down and a 20-round mag it's not much larger than a Mk. 23. Plus, you don't have to worry about time for making this and/or costs.
Different round. The 5-7 uses 5.7mm rounds, while the MP7 uses 4.6mm. Carrying too many different types of ammo isn't a very smart thing to do.

I had no problems at all with the dagger. In fact, I actually think that would be quite deadly indeed. So long as it didn't get caught, that is - the Demon Murphy stalks us daily, and we must take into account all that he can and will do to fuck us up.
The dagger was given a piano wire for a reason - mid-range control in flight. And being a wire it doesn't get cut as easily as a string.

Don't the same issues also affect stun batons, then? [Curious]
It does. But stun batons are heavier - I know I am safe with one because when it doesn't work, I can bludgeon the hell of whoever I am using it on.

See my earlier comments above. Also, if the bayonet is attached to the rifle, aren't you out of a knife already? unless you're carrying a personal knife in addition to the issue bayonet.
Ok so THIS is the issue. We are apparently having a misunderstanding because I am bringing in RL experience as an analogy with regards to melee weapons and close combat, while it gets more confusing when you guys use a different concept.

Secondly, even if we are attaching a bayonet, we don't aim downsight when storming a room, it is at hip-fire position. Besides, there isn't a need to aim because most engagements are less than 25m, at semi-automatic you should be able to hit anything you can't stab.

Thirdly, there is another knife, either in the form of a multitool or a flip-jackknife. Or the helmet headbutt then bayonet attack. Melee-ing is always recommended because there is no luxury of time to reload inside a house, threats can reach you in less than a second.

What has been forgotten, and what we need to remember, is that this is not Iraq and our OCs are not troops - they are at most SWAT cops and suspects need to be apprehended, not killed. Also, criminals do not, as a general rule, posses the same amounts of resistance as do illegal combatants.
Wrong. SERIOUSLY wrong. What about serial killers? They resist by hiding and attacking - it is psychology of self-defence combined with malevolent intent, the deluded criminal will seek to kill as many as he/she wants and attempt to get away from it all the time.

If you have examples of the like, I'd appreciate it if you could share - generally the Malaysian perspective with regards these things tends to be rather conventional - infiltrate from the roof, storm the front door or windows, sneak in from the jungle to the jungle huts where hostages are kept...
That is only available for jungle warfare, where buildings are usually constructed simply for the purpose of shelter so there aren't alot of corners to turn or stairs to climb (but lots of buildings). Close quarters can take place in urban combat (tons of corners and covers), naval shipboarding (if the enemy wasn't here, he is elsewhere but still on the ship), desert warfare (to storm a building, you have to cover 100m of open ground while the assholes are firing at you from that building), winter warfare (getting your foot bogged in snow while running towards the building, like desert warfare). Conditions are different and fighting styles are catered for on a case-by-case basis.

Who? What?
Google. I could explain everything to you in 10 minutes and a wall-of-text, but you wouldn't show any interest in it unless you found out about it yourself.

BTW, am wondering - are you West Malaysian?

Originally Posted by Wild Goose View Post
Noted, but you don't need to lose your shirt over it.
I will if he uses words like that again. When you gather thistles, expect bristles; don't flamebait by dismissing other people's ideas.

Also, do note that he never said anything about things being rubbish and cannot be done, rather that from a storyline perspective, the more you try to explain the more the suspension disbelief falls apart, so just saying rule of cool and letting go works better sometimes.
The thing about a storyline and the rule of cool, is that details must match the abilities that are to be executed or even part of a battle. The suspension of disbelief, if brought into the context, amounts of fridge brilliance instead.

And I just revealed her entire armoury of Chekov guns.

Originally Posted by Tempy View Post
Then you should be fine rebutting the claims, rather than counter-demanding that they show proof. I realize you take things seriously, but don't let it get you hot under the collar.
There is no point in creating something when you don't take it seriously!

When three puppygirls named after pastries are on top of each other, it is called Eclair a'la menthe et Biscotti aux fraises avec beaucoup de Ricotta sur le dessus.
Most of all, you have to be disciplined and you have to save, even if you hate our current financial system. Because if you don't save, then you're guaranteed to end up with nothing.

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