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Originally Posted by SaintessHeart View Post
I am dyslexic and have bad command of practically every single language - I write in a certain pattern so as to keep track of what I wrote - and that pattern comes from mostly technical writeouts.

If what I write is confusing, ask. Don't deride.
Well, now that we've gotten our backgrounds straight, we can now do glorious battle!

...except that you've gotten more of my background than I yours. Also what derision? I'm merely repeating my disclaimer that my background is influencing my current line of thought. (As well as getting out a disclaimer that I'm Malaysian. An aunt of an American penpal of mine once thought I was an American pretending to be someone else to e-stalk her niece, on account of my command of English. Wasn't funny then... now, I can laugh about it.)

If anything, I'd thought you'd honestly forgotten my background, so rather than kick you to an earlier post I'd repeat it...

...admittedly I tend to be a rather sarcastic person IRL.

The tonfa doesn't kill, but it looks less dangerous than an axe. Psychology is part of combat - flip the handle in and the axe blade comes out on the other end..

Besides, the dagger can't reach places just a little longer than the arm. The axe does. Also, a boarding axe adds the capability to hook onto places.

Simply put, it is a piece of equipment that has more use than just simply attack - it creates opportunities for more unconventional battle tactics, like every other weapon she owns.
I'm still undecided about this but i'll reserve judgement until i see the finished product.

*shrugs* at the end of the day all improbable weapons must have seemed equally naff until they were eventually shown and proven to be useful. I'd say we'll have to agree to disagree here, based on our differing paradigms. I'm still not convinced - so you'll have to convince me by writing.

If you look through one of the Royal Marine Commando engagements in Afghanistan videos, they fix bayonets on the L85s when searching houses.

Also, there is a rifle fighting technique for urban-fighting, and there are a few moves that were taught to counter weapon grabs. I learnt that.
*shrugs* I'm basing of what I've read in the American context. American units generally do not favor fixed bayonets.

In CQB, decisions are made in split seconds, and the party that makes the most mistakes usually sustain the most injuries. I'd rather take my chances with an off-hand punch or knife than to execute some complex momentum-throw technique - remember that your body does not move the way you want it to when you are tired, so the knife is more practical.

Your enemy either let go of the gun or grabs your knife, either way he is technically the one at higher risk because the weapons are both pointed at him.
Again, not me - I'm referring to what is taught at SQT, and since they've been doing this for 40 years one might have an expectation that they know what they're doing... *shrugs*

Concrete saws are used when you want to cut out a specific section. My idea is that she simply wanted to hit someone behind a wall. Run the blade through it, and he's incapacitated.

And being someone with a short-temper, she has PLENTY of people whom she wants to kill.
Again, law enforcement. We're supposed to apprehend suspects, not kill them.

Especially since the paperwork for killing suspects would be horrendus and IA would get involved.

Different round. The 5-7 uses 5.7mm rounds, while the MP7 uses 4.6mm. Carrying too many different types of ammo isn't a very smart thing to do.
I'm aware that the MP7 and Five-seveN use different rounds. What I was trying to say was that you may want to consider dropping the Five-seveN entirely for the MP7, which in the folded down mode isn't that much larger than a large full frame pistol.

Though in the end Amdo does custom mods like Kinji's semi/burst/full auto 92FS, so your proposal is not inconceivable. It's just that having spent pretty much my entire life making do with less I'd rather not go through the trouble.

But again, this is your OC. It's up to you how you want to write. Us, we're just here to hammer away like iron forges iron.

The dagger was given a piano wire for a reason - mid-range control in flight. And being a wire it doesn't get cut as easily as a string.
I wasn't talking about the cutting - I got that immediately when I saw piano wire - I was referring to getting tangled or caught on something. Slim chance, perhaps, but the Demon Murphy always trips us up.

It does. But stun batons are heavier - I know I am safe with one because when it doesn't work, I can bludgeon the hell of whoever I am using it on.
Okay, I can see the point.

Ok so THIS is the issue. We are apparently having a misunderstanding because I am bringing in RL experience as an analogy with regards to melee weapons and close combat, while it gets more confusing when you guys use a different concept.

Secondly, even if we are attaching a bayonet, we don't aim downsight when storming a room, it is at hip-fire position. Besides, there isn't a need to aim because most engagements are less than 25m, at semi-automatic you should be able to hit anything you can't stab.

Thirdly, there is another knife, either in the form of a multitool or a flip-jackknife. Or the helmet headbutt then bayonet attack. Melee-ing is always recommended because there is no luxury of time to reload inside a house, threats can reach you in less than a second.
*shrug* And yet SWAT teams don't enter rooms with fixed bayonets - nor did the SAS when they stormed the Iranian Embassy.

Again, agree to disagree, etc - but the scenario you're mentioning doesn't seem to have come up very often. Something I once read about bayonets is that the idea of fixed bayonets is more often than not a morale booster, fitting into the minds of troops the idea of no mercy, fighting on till the end, etc etc.

Police Quest. Not Modern Warfare.

Wrong. SERIOUSLY wrong. What about serial killers? They resist by hiding and attacking - it is psychology of self-defence combined with malevolent intent, the deluded criminal will seek to kill as many as he/she wants and attempt to get away from it all the time.
Perhaps, and yet it's not a regular occurence - most serial killer arrests that I've read about note that the killers come quietly. Robbery, on the other hand, seems to be a harder breed of criminal - and yet big shootouts also aren't that common (though the North Hollywood Shootout and the Miami Massacare continue to grip attention).

Also, note that I said "as a general rule." There are always exceptions to the general rule. Privity of contract is upheld as a general rule, but there are various exceptions such as duress, exclusion clauses, etc.

As a general rule people's hair does not turn white at puberty. Of my A-Levels class in KK, out of 30 students 5 of them had white hair at the age of 18. (Again, another example of the demonstration of the general rule concept, which is always subject to exceptions.)

That is only available for jungle warfare, where buildings are usually constructed simply for the purpose of shelter so there aren't alot of corners to turn or stairs to climb (but lots of buildings). Close quarters can take place in urban combat (tons of corners and covers), naval shipboarding (if the enemy wasn't here, he is elsewhere but still on the ship), desert warfare (to storm a building, you have to cover 100m of open ground while the assholes are firing at you from that building), winter warfare (getting your foot bogged in snow while running towards the building, like desert warfare). Conditions are different and fighting styles are catered for on a case-by-case basis.
I knew shouldn't have mentioned the last and confused you further, though the local defense mags note that most excercises are jungle/beach insertion.

The whole infiltrate and storm the front door and windows was what's normally done by UTK for urban CQB, and then they proceed to the room clearing that's never photographed. From what the local defense mags have revealed generally UTK follows the British and American playbooks: battering ram or breaching shotgun, followed by room clearing with judicious applications of flashbangs, when coming in from the front door; alternatively roof or window insertion.

That said, let's be honest - the HnA paradigm is mostly an urban environment, so, again, any other examples you can share?

Google. I could explain everything to you in 10 minutes and a wall-of-text, but you wouldn't show any interest in it unless you found out about it yourself.
The dude who discovered the electron. So basically your point is that TK's old fashioned? How was that not derisive on your part?

I only ask because I've only heard that term on the Peninsula. Curiousity satisfied.

I will if he uses words like that again. When you gather thistles, expect bristles; don't flamebait by dismissing other people's ideas.
*raises eyebrow*

... yeah, it's so much more meaningful and nuanced when you do it in real life.

There is no point in creating something when you don't take it seriously!
There is a point that one must take into account, in that one cannot let this consume onself...

.... it's three AM in the morning. [James May] Cock. [/James May] I'd better hit the rack.

...also... no love for that little snippet? <_<
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