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Originally Posted by sarcasteak
I don't think anyone who didn't played the game or know the story will have a clue what's going on.

I personally liked it a lot since I've played Tales of Phantasia a long time ago--seeing the characters in action again was a blast for me. The animation quality was definitely up to my expectation, but I didn't like the OP and ED that much probably because I absolutely loved the PSX version's OP and ED by Yukari Yoshida. Some of the minor changes I didn't like that much, like how the MysTek cannon is visually downgraded compared to the PSX cut-scene version, but my main concern is how Mint's mother was murdered on the spot instead of being found left for dead in the prison by Cless which eventually led to that important scene later on; hopefully the anime crew will find some way to remedy that.

Oh, and yes, Maxwell looked awfully impressive (I recall in the SNES version he was just a bouncing pinball ), and seeing Indignation was quite a treat since it was one of my favorite (most abused) spells in the game!
Oh yeah, I'd love to see that Ary scene animated, it would totally make the months of waiting worth it.
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