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If you just want a cool name, I'm not too sure how important the 'magical girl' component is. But I'm guessing you want to emphasize on both "technology" and "magical"? Or is the fact that she is a shoujo (young girl) is important as well?

actually, not knowing the exact setting and details really make it hard to exercise our creativity.

other random names I can think of (some terms are self-made):
テクノ魔法少女 (tekuno mahou shoujo) (Techno-Magical Girl)
新テクノ魔法少女 (shin tekuno mahou shoujo) (New Techno-Magical Girl)
科学の魔法少女 (kagaku no mahou shoujo) (Magical Girl of Science)
テクノ魔法使い (tekuno mahou tsukai) (Techno-Magic User/Practicioner)
テクノ魔導士 / テクノ魔術師 (tekuno madoushi / tekuno majutsushi) (Techno Mage / Sorceress / Magician)
ガゼット魔術師 (gajetto majutsushi) (Gadget Magician)
現代魔学少女 (gendai magaku mahou shoujo) (Girl of Modern Magical Arts)

ok, it's pretty much endless.

and, perhaps, it's not that "Non-Magical Magical Girl" doesn't click in Japanese, it's just that at my level, I can't think of anything that doesn't need a verb conjugate.
You've been extremely helpful, guy! Thanks for the tremendous hints! Just FYI, my fanfic piece is a take-off of
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