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A second season, huh........... hmmm...... sorry, still collecting my thoughts

Seriously though, as an Akeno fan I've every reason to feel concerned for the continued lack of Akeno screen time, since there will obviously be more characters in season 2, that could mean even less time for her considering she was largely left out of season 1 (even her fight scenes were compressed). All I'd ask for is just one ep for her, maybe some backstory, whatever it'd be I'd be happy, so as long as they do that I won't mind if Rias takes a shower for 4 straight episodes again

And uh, I wouldn't mind seeing more of Riser's blonde drill tail loli imouto

I wonder if it's possible to submit some ideas for the ED. Considering it would be somewhat difficult to top the ED for the 1st season, I'm rather interested in what they will do
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