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Because seriously, if the above chart is accurate. How exactly is Ourai suppose to win this?!
If this was an open battle, then Oorai is indeed screwed beyond recognition. However, the objective here is not annihilation, and Miho knows too well she cannot go pound for pound against Saunders. I imagine a lot of strategic retreat, hide n' seek, ambush and other more deceptive tactics will be employed in order for Oorai to achieve victory in the upcoming (real) episode. So far, the Saunders team does not know Miho is using their own resources against them.

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According to the chart, all the tanks have about the same max speed. So the guerrilla tactics that Miho uses against St. Gloriana is out. Their armor is also just the same or below average with the one Saunders use. But, wth? is that penetration power of the firefly?! It outstrips even the StuG III by a wide margin!!!
That is because, the Firefly was designed for the sole purpose of dealing with tanks like the Panther & the Tiger.

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