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Originally Posted by Tak View Post
If this was an open battle, then Ooarai is indeed screwed beyond recognition. However, the objective here is not annihilation, and Miho knows too well she cannot go pound for pound against Saunders. I imagine a lot of strategic retreat, hide n' seek, ambush and other more deceptive tactics will be employed in order for Ooarai to achieve victory in the upcoming (real) episode. So far, the Saunders team does not know Miho is using their own resources against them.

That is because, the Firefly was designed for the sole purpose of dealing with tanks like the Panther & the Tiger.

- Tak
The more I hear about the firefly, the more I see how awesome it is. It is a good thing that the Saunders school didn't field 10 of them or this battle is even more doomed. And I guess your right, our heroes aren't totally without advantage, Ooarai team can now feed false information to their opponents. Its still an incredibly lopsided battle favoring the Saunders though.

Originally Posted by 4Tran View Post
The chart's correct, but it's a bit misleading. The listed range for the penetration is at 500m, and you'd normally expect tanks to engage at around double that range. This means that the big guns like the Firefly will have no problems penetrating, but Ooarai's guns are nowhere nearly as effective. This is why Saunders talked so much about the StuG III - it's the only real threat Ooarai has at range.
So the chart is correct. And the only thing misleading about it is at larger distance wherein we expect the engagements to actually happen - Ooarai tank is more screwed. And if penetration power translates over large distances basic physics says, that firefly will probably be able to snipe the StuG III before the Stug III can even go to a firing range that can damage the firefly. Well apparently our heroes are even more disadvantage than the chart says. Lol... Now, I'm really curious how they can win.

Originally Posted by 4Tran View Post
Also, the 76mm is the Saunders Flag. You can see the little flag when all the tanks are lined up: the 76mm is the closest to the screen and it looks a bit different from the others. The one at the very end is the Firefly.
This is good to know. At least the Ooarai team doesn't have to take out the firefly. Now they only have find a way to find and neutralize the 76mm flag tank while having being outnumbered 2:1 and having inferior tanks. At least its a bit more plausible now....

Originally Posted by Random Wanderer View Post
A different point about that chart is that it helps show just how poor a tank the Type 89 really is. The weakest by far in absolutely every area. It so drastically underperforms compared to everything else it almost makes one think it was put on this chart by mistake.
You know, I though you guys were being hyperbolic when you say that the type 89 is only good for scrap metal. Apparently its dead serious. At least Team Ooarai found a good use for it - bait.

Well beggars can't be choosy, Team Ooarai haven't even reached the 10 tanks quota which makes me wonder if all the battles that they're going to have Ooarai is going to be vastly outnumbered or they'll getting more tank teams. There seems to be a tapir team from the OP though, so they'll probably get reinforcement soon which makes it 6 vs. 10... ^^

And I just noticed something, is it true that 38(t) happens to be the flag team of Team Ooarai? Or this is another misinformation tactic that Miho is doing? The Saunders certainly think so but, I wonder what the logic is in that because according to the chart its their second worst tank. I would think that the Team Ankou would be better choice for the flag tank considering its their commanders tank and I have a feeling Ooarai would go to pieces if panzer IV was ever shot down in battle.

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