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if anyone of you remember back I said early on with the flashback with shiro being kicked outta the blimp by weissman, I said to just check the voice actor for weissman(imposter) and shiro in the tape recorder. Same voice, same dude gosh was solved long ago
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u might have noticed the colorless king uses same voice no matter what body which is what i meant for shiro in the recording and weissman when he threw shiro out
Are you sure about that? The credits haven't said anything different, and from this episode, we know that the Colourless King speaks in the voice of the person whose body he's taken over. What I hear is that the tones they speak in and the words that they use are similar - this is particularly the case for Weissman in episode 7 and Shiro (Shiro is the name Weissman-Shiro gave himself, so I don't see the need to give him an extra label) - I can hear the difference between Kakki's and NamiDai's voices, but it was pretty obvious that they were trying to convey the same personality.

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