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Originally Posted by mayumi View Post
It might just be when colorless either took over shiro's body deleted all the stuff about the real student name or the real colorless is the owner of shiro's body.

I read somewhere that people who become kings just pop up knowing they are now kings. It could have happened to colorless shiro guy.

Kuroh could very well be king aswell but little stupid to not realize it cause of all the ichigen sama love. Where did he get his power? Unless he is strain or king. Ichigen can't grant him power because his power is limited but kuroh's is active hand power. Once kuroh draws his sword his domancles sword will be revealed. Also perhaps ichigen's instruction to kill the future colorless king is the same objective as red, blue, gold and silver kings.
no, watch again, is clear showed who the "shiro body" get possessed, he was looking tho the sky when something come to him and dominated him, and in the talk between shiro and fox, fox was surprised and talked about why shiro canīt remember of of what happen.

I think the memory loss happened in the switch body between weissman and fox and the fall from the sky, was like a trauma who triggered the memory loss and the shock of being stabbed by kukuri, another try of fox possess him and hear neko voice claim for him triggered the awaken of weissman inside shiro.

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