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Well watching this episode was painful for me.
If you think why Taiga is acting out of character being cheerful and trying to make Ryuji get closer to Minori is probably because she saw how people like Sumire placed Kitamura's well being before herself.
Taiga had came to terms that she will not be with Kitamura but also realized that if she kept on tying down Ryuji then Ryuji will become a victim of her own selfishness which she will never forgive herself.
But then she probably also starting to feel the emptiness creeping in the more she acts out of character, finding her true affection towards Ryuji and also starting to realize how much effort Ryuji had devoted for her and the kindness he had provided.

Minori is also a train reck asking to happen.
She said she want to she a ghost but was also afraid of it, well I believe she is confronting a ghost and do not know how to react. She is unsure if her affection towards Ryuji is true, with even less confidence if she can actually maintain a love relationship and a huge baggage of uncertainties to boot.

Ami is giving a helping hand also out of character, since she likes Ryuji who treats her for who she really is and not the person she acts, also seeing what Minori is confronting.

The only ones who are acting normally are the two male twerps which is right on character.

When I say painful I do not mean the direction and/or production of the program but feeling empathy toward the two females who are putting up a facade over their true emotions.

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