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Thanks a lot guys! actually I have a list of songs beforehand that I will post on Saturday or Sunday and the amazing thing is that I have at least one song from your recommendations (Lum no Love, Ai wo Torimodose, Sori Ga Ai Deshou, Yakusoku wa Iranai and Tonari no Totoro) included for week 2. It goes to show how classic and timeless these songs are. Even Triangular is considered an instant classic, debuting just last year. Your other recommendations are very familiar and I'm sure I'll induct them in the coming weeks. A you might guess this is more of a vanity project for me since I'm fairly new in anime music appreciation sparked by the recent anime songs boom in Japan thanks to the Haruhi, Gundam and Macross anime singles. I'm doing this for those who share my new passion for great songs accompanying Japanese animation, a forum to watch, listen and probably sing along to the songs we love. Hopefully, when I'm done posting a thousand songs (probably a couple of years from now), I'll post a ranked list of the greatest anime songs based on your recommendations and other lists and polls. Again, thank you for your time and contributions.
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