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Originally Posted by DezoPenguin View Post
The trickier problem is how a low-end repair shop would be capable of fixing an Intelligent Device, particularly given the amount of damage that such a Device can take and self-repair (Raising Heart's recovery in MGLN, and Fate and Bardiche's use of Recovery in ep. 12 of that same season), which illustrates just how badly beat up Shining Hope would have to become to be in the shop at all. The technology just isn't there--nor would Miyuki, personally, have the education and background to suddenly become a Device Meister (though ironically, it might make a valid long-term career choice).


Gaaaaaah, this is more trouble than I thought it would be. @_@ I just assumed Miyuki could ask Nanoha if Shari or Mariel could take a look at in once she learned that her garage wasn't properly equipped to handle that kind of thing.
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