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From the American point of view -- that red card was total BS. And it was smart of the manager to just outright order the team to walk off the field -- and call it the end of the game.


So, to give him a red card for it - that was... ludicrous. It was security's fault for allowing anything like this to even happen.
  • Having said that -- what has been the talk about this incident days after?
  • Does the referee get reprimanded for making such an ill decision? (Which I doubt)
  • Will the game be replayed?
  • Overall, where's the justice?!
Fans have been in two minds about it. Players are not allowed to harm anyone on the pitch this explicitly includes fans. They are well paid professionals who should know to leave this type of matter to security, on the other hand the goalie got taken by surprise and his anger is a normal human reaction.

*The match will be replayed from start without an audience and Ajax will be fined.

*The KNVB (Dutch FA) has overturned the red card. The goalkeeper will not see any sanctions and will be allowed to play in the rematch.

*The FA emphasized that the referee took a formally correct decision but they felt that the mindset of the goalie strongly influenced by conditions and was fully excusable.

*No sanctions for AZ for refusing to continue the match. This is the most controversial part of the decision as Verbeek took his players of as a protest against the red card, not as later claimed as for security fears. Which is strictly against FA rules. This might influence future decisions by coaches in case of incidents in trying to profit from circumstances. AZ was trailing 1-0. KNVB points to the special circumstances of this case.

*The hooligan has been sentenced to 6 months in jail on assault charges. He had already has a 3 year stadium ban but a season-ticket holder had given him one of his tickets for cup matches. The ban has been extended to 30 years and Ajax will take both fans to civil court for incurred damages. After leaving jail the hooligan will have to report to the police on match days for both Ajax and the national team for the next two years.

*Fans of both teams who attended the match do not accept the replay without an audience and supporter unions have taken the FA to court as the want their money back. FA rules prohibit any refunds but fans deem this to violate their consumer rights.

* Justice was not immediate but seems to have been done in due course.
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