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Been playing games since there is nothing to watch at the moment.

Playstation 3
Tales of Graces f - I don't know what chapter I was on, but beating Richard (first battle) was pain in the butt. I kept dying at least three times and wasting a lot of life bottles to stay alive. It's all because I couldn't execute the Mystic Artes needed to deliver the final blow, but I managed it on the fourth try after realizing that you press the button in a middle of a combo. But yes, I'm at last 12+ hours into the game, no where close to finishing
Atelier Meruru - Not much going on here except more quests, development and making stuff. Given that Atelier Totori Plus is very similar in gameplay, I don't think I won't have much problems playing that, even though it's in Japanese and I have to translate all the text manually. Hey, it's good language practice.
Nintendo 3DS
Paper Mario Sticker Star: Finished the first chapter and now on the second. This game is pretty easy compared to previous Paper Mario games.
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