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Still playing Catherine. FINALLY made it to Day 6. This game is difficult as it is amusing. I've never been much of a puzzle gamer but this game is forcing me to play so that I can see the story through to the end. And it'll give me plenty to do with the nine(?) endings it has.

Also started up disc 3 of Final Fantasy IX. It's been a few years since the last time I've played it and I forgot how good it was. I only remembered the gist of the main story when I started but as the story progressed I remembered more and eyes got all teary when I got to the Black Mage Village. (T_T) I've been spending a good portion of my timed doing side quests and mini-games. Chocobo Treasure Hunting and the Mognet...I forgot how annoying the Moogles get after playing this game for a while kupo!. was also frustrating how often the party members changed early on the game. Especially Quina,, she? Whatever, (s)he leaves the party too often. But the characters in this game are so amusing so it's ok.
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