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Originally Posted by milan kyuubi View Post
I need some help

After I finish making sig in photoshoop(cs4 extended) and save the sig. Then when I try to use it in PS again later on it shows that background is locked. How can I separate the sig on layers again to change the sig?
The only thing I think about this one is you don't saved the file/sig in .PSD format, am I right?

since the layers either locked or not will retain if you saved them in .PSD... so I think you can never retain those layers again if you don't have a backup PSD of that one, that's the thing I know, don't know about other people if they can recommend something.

Originally Posted by milan kyuubi View Post
Also how can I give my text on the sig some changes, like make it more look like flame or give it curves so I can blend it more with the background?
About this one, you can rasterize the text layer for full editing, you can smudge it to give it a curves I think.
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