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Well if you are referring to the scene of a Kataron member pointing his gun against CB I think it's just a moment of sadness and anger. But they should come to reason soon because it's clear as the Sun that CB are against A-LAWS so the spy must be someone not belonging to Kataron or CB: if they're able to make 1+1 then Saji is a goner. If I was a Kataron member and I would know what Saji did I would want him so dead and I would want him executed by a firing squad. Does anyone share my POV?
Why do people wish for Saji's death like this? The kid was caught between a rock and a hard place, and he did what he thought was best. All he wanted was to get his life back, so he talked to Sergei who seemed like genuinely good guy who could help him out of his predicament. He had no way of knowing Kataron was going to get decimated like they did because some douche bag spied on his superior. But oh no, doing the logical is stupid and makes him a worthless punk. The only way for him to redeem himself is to join Celestial Being and start fighting.
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