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...oh my Ruby... Wow, she looks good~

It had a feeling that Gyokuro was pissed at Akasha for stealing her warmongering husband and turning him into a peace-loving douche, in her mind. Still, to think that she was THAT pissed about it... women are scary. At least Issa didn't let me down, I'm happy for that.

C'mon Akasha... awaken already! I want you to rip Gyokuro's arms off, sink your claws into her throat and yank her into Alucard's body to finish the job, then make your triumphant and oh-so-bloody return to the land of the living...!
/end dreammode ...
A woman scorned and all that......Gyokoru has taken that up to 11 though this time. Especially as she's manipulated Kahlua all the way through. I think once Gyokuro is done with, Kahlua will be free of her control and she'll reconcile with the others.

If Issa were to intend on showing the group how to free Akasha, he's going a strange way about it. I think he's just beginning to get pissed with Touhou. I think that could be an epic in the making. I suspect though there will be a "Is this what Akasha would have wanted" line, similar to that of a few chapters ago which brings Issa to his senses.

Akasha returning would be awesome though, providing Ikeda showed her going flat out against her opponents, just to demonstrate how much stronger she is than the others.

Also, is the barrier still up around the castle? I'd like to think that the city below would notice a giant castle heading for impact!
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