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Originally Posted by Chris38 View Post

.... and just how many members of the Shuzen family, haven't been "tainted" by Gyokuro's insanity... and might survive long enough to reveal this "method" to someone... since I think, that .... would be a pretty small number

If you have Issa, in mind... he hasn't been spared by Gyokuro, considering his "current" behavior ... and is currently "busy" fighting with Tohou Fuhai, and ... it's up to the author to decide, if he is actually going to survive this "confrontation"... and will be capable of "revealing" the method that has been used to save Akasha...
If anyone can reveal the method to save her than you're right, it's definitely Issa I have in mind, but I doubt Touhou Fuhai has the intent to kill him though. After seeing the flashback of Issa and Akasha in this chapter, I doubt he is a bad guy, hes probably acting to fool Gyokuro and to make his move against her in favor of Akasha's dream.
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