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Yes yes Sunrise is satan incarnate and Slice of Life is teh autowin and all that jazz, but since when was Mai-Hime not synonmous with mainstream as well? Oh right, I forgot, it's cool to like Mai-Hime so that cancels out it's vile mainstream status. My bad

Seriously, I love it when people pick and choose their likes and dislikes with seemingly careful scrutiny, yet still manage to generalize something in the process. If there's anything quite as phony I have yet to see it. "Mainstream=crap, unless it doesn't in which case it's fine, but as long as it doesn't have x in it, but if it has y then it's better than alright, but not if you has a little bit of z". Lol....

In my case I'll be perfectly blunt though, this whole period leading up to this franchise's debut has been a series of peaks and valleys as far as my interest in it and expectations go. On the one hand there's more then enough series of the type I like to call galfests out there, so it doesn't come across as fresh, but on the other hand I find the mecha and character design to be on the interesting side and still feel the series portrays some potential. I guess I have little choice to actually watch it and find out which is the truth and I'm sure everyone else who will be commentating blogwise will be giving it their single episode before they give one of the broad labels of crap or good (the only two labels their seem to be anymore) and then proceed to judge the entire remainder of the series based off of those intial impressions, without regard for whether they are still relevant of course. We wouldn't want this show to actually have a fair shot being the "mainstream crap Sunrise series" of the season after all would we now?

I just knew you were going to reply to that. Sure Mai-HiME is mainstream. I don't think it's crap and the Sunrise series I regard as crap I have watched to the bitter end, so I feel quite entitled to call them whatever I damn like. If that will make you happy, I think KyoAni is over worse offender in the mainstream category and that's without ever watching one of their series to the end except for Fumoffu. Now, that's opinion I would expect to be called upon for good reason.
I didn't say mainstream=crap, it's just that that all of Sunrise's popular (read mainstream)series in the last years that I have watched were rather terrible in my opinion. Not simply because they were popular as you seem to be implying.
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