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Originally Posted by Westlo View Post
Why of course, I mean I'm going to be watching Queen's Blade and that shapes up being one of the biggest trainwreck of a series since... well I better not say it in this thread!

Didn't you know that them being hated on by AS and the blogging world made them underground?
Wait........what? And don't even start with that trainwreck garbage here please. Nobody....okay fine, I (anybody remember "I"? I as in Individual) don't give a crap about what a bunch of whiny 4channers and bloggers who think they have life all figured out have to say in their grand scheme to become one giant collective of groupthinkers. I'm just tired of having to hear the same old, tired and frankly painfully uninspired crap courtesy of their meme factories in the same way I'm tired of seeing shallow and materialistic Christmas commercials (I'm looking at you Coca-Cola) that go to great lengths to portray themselves as deep and insightful, sometimes witty family values messages whilst simultaneously being little more than self-serving semi-subliminal advertisements for the companies own products. I have other choice thoughts about the "holiday season" I'd just love to share, but let's get back to the topic here shall we? who rarely have anything to add to a conversation that isn't just an assorted collection of the latest internet memes are no better, no more desirable to me, then the hipsters you can find at your local mall buying into every new corporately manufactured trend without regard for how little it's actually going to change who they are or their actual self worth. So stop importing that culture please. And yes it is a culture like any other, no matter how much they think the anonymous thing gives them a sense of individuality.

Alas, sometimes I have to be harsh in making a point, yet I will say this, it's very much possible to run againt the mainstream without having to resort to adopting the beliefs of a counter-culture whose tendencies are just as predictable and braindraining as your average popular cultures. Culture, counter-culture, mainstream, it's all the same to me, you're still sacrificing your independent thought in order to fit in with a crowd and it's still herd behaviour, whether you are the type that professes to like only Shounen, Mecha, Fantasy and explosions, or the type that only likes Slice of Life, Romance and "Realism". So in the end why, why not just be oneself with their own set of self-coined terms, expectations in life and beliefs and ideas to call ones own? That's the philosophy I subscribe too, right down to when I refuse to select from a choice of pre-specified classes in Oblivion and choose to create my own custom class.

That was what I was planning on getting to with my question, and I hope we're all on the same page now. So if people don't mind, I will choose to subscribe to those immortal words of Fleetwood Mac and go my own way, even if I have to call it another lonely day. One month to the debut of this series, and then we can all judge it, not before. Deal?

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