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So you claim you don't give a crap yet whenever someone says anything bad about Sunrise you are always there to refute them? How does that work?

Culture, counter-culture, mainstream, it's all the same to me, you're still sacrificing your independent thought in order to fit in with a crowd and it's still herd behaviour, whether you are the type that professes to like only Shounen, Mecha, Fantasy and explosions, or the type that only likes Slice of Life, Romance and "Realism".
Fit in with a crowd? You are aware that due to popular shows having lots of fans (and bloggers ) one could always be accused of fitting in with a crowd, never mind if they are vocal about loving the show, vocal about hating it or not saying anything at all about it and just watching it? But surely this herd behaviour matches a lot more the behaviour of fans than of haters? For one thing, the haters are usually a lot fewer and for the other by virtue of being so much anti establishment as you claim they are bound to disagree even with each other about why a certain show is a trainwreck, aren't they?
Seriously, call me crazy but I still think most people who bitch about some movie or book or game do it because they quite frankly didn't like it. Not because it's cool or their peers told them to do so. And of course who bitch over the internet are a very small percentage of the number who would bitch if they had to give an opinion but just don't want to waste their time that way. Or think forums and blogs are inventions of the devil.
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