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Originally Posted by C.A. View Post
We have to start asking mods for this conspiracy. Happened in Clannad forums for me.

Then there was a case of a bunch of Ranka fans getting anon neg rep just for saying they're Ranka fans.

Anyway its amazing how much criticism a show can get before airing.

Any mecha show is an instant win for SRW fans, from Sunrise means it has decent chance of getting into SRW. And if it gets into SRW, it will be fixed no matter how bad it can get.
It hasn't really garnered that much criticism so much as a general apprehension. I think for the people that are honest and not just trolling that it's just a general weariness of the Mai-Hime type property. We've seen this type of show before many many times and we know that Sunrise is capable of a lot more than what Sora Kake Girl appears to be, so in this case, for me at least, I almost view it as a step back from the direction they were heading in.

It's kind of the same deal with what happened with Kyoani where they stepped back from the direction they were headed in towards really making something of themselves in terms of series with variety in themes in order to cater to the moe market and release Key adapation after Otaku pandering Kadokawa adaptation. Sora Kake Girl looks like the same thing at first glance. A moe oriented otaku pander with good looking character designs, but nothing that indicates any sort of substance from what we've seen so far of the trailers and Newtype features. And this following up on the success of Code Geass and other recent properties of catches one off guard and makes one more than a little unsure of what to expect. Like it's an attempt to coast or something.

In a rare case of seeing eye to eye with the companie's critics (mostly because what they are saying actually makes sense within the context of logic and reality for a change) I actually have to agree a little, from what we've seen (so far) the show looks like the type to be watched for the fancy animation and moe girls and not for any sort of depth of character or plot. We could be proven wrong of course, but there's really been nothing to give us any reason to believe it's going to be a heavy hitter or a standout. How unfortunate.

Originally Posted by Duo Maxwell View Post
Sometimes I wonder why did AS hides the people's name who give reputation to other. I believe there are several times someone just try to add fuel into the flame by pretending to be the one who have different opinion from me and neg rep me.
I've asked this question and the reason I've been given is that it's to prevent negative rep wars from springing up.
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