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Originally Posted by BK-201 View Post
You know with this episode. Watching it for the umpteenth time. I just realized that the "Break the Mask"--kill the hollow rule is true

Ulquiorra shattered Ichigo's mask. He thought he killed him. He wasn't being nice and trying to end Ichigo's transformation. He didn't even know there was such a thing. He said " If not for that last attack I would be the one lying there dead"

His intention was to "kill Ichigo". This episode seems to imply that Ulquiorra thought breaking the mask would be enough to kill him.
Either that or he figured the cero Hichigo created would make a big enough explosion when disturbed to knock him out. Then he could kill him.

Because He was quite surprised when Ichigo...coughcoughrengeratedrepairingtheholeandrestoringhimselftothe conditionhewasinBEFOREthefightWITHOUTtheaidofORIHI MEcoughcoughcough--didn't die
Maybe he was just surprised at the regeration? That's what Ulquiorra was reffering to wasn't he?

Ichigo merely broke Ulquiorra's horn. Ulquiorra's attack shattered Ichigo's mask completely. So apparently breaking the mask not only kills the hollow fast. Because you don't want to learn the hollow's identity. if it was to keep from seeing the identity. Breaking the mask would be counterproductive, don't ya think?
You're going to have to reword that so it makes better sense. I think there are some typos in there.
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