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Originally Posted by monir View Post
well, providing there is no stray animal walking with a limp around her. Then she will have to help that thing first like any model humanitarian would do. The dying Ishida can wait.

.. *cough*

Originally Posted by monir View Post
She is the super hot friend everyone wants to be with. And like the smart girl she is, this lass is taking full advantage of her charm by surrounding herself with hawt bishounen, who are also dying for her or crumbling away at her merest of whims. Yeap, she is that hawt friend.

Fellow Orihime-fans, let me know if I answered all of Uchiha Soul's query.
Wow then let me ask you this Fellow Orihime-fans : Are you ready to devote yourself to her even if it means that she will ignore you while you are dying or rather she will step on you to reach her "Kurosaki-Kun", putting in mind the stray limp dog?!
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