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Originally Posted by Uchiha Soul View Post

.. *cough*

Wow then let me ask you this Fellow Orihime-fans : Are you ready to devote yourself to her even if it means that she will ignore you while you are dying or rather she will step on you to reach her "Kurosaki-Kun", putting in mind the stray limp dog?!
It depends on how close she let me get near her before she is tempted to reject my puny existence. Anything within 15 yards is worth dying for. I know she will reject HT without any hesitation doesn't matter how far he is standing as long as she can sense him. Kakashi is the one who probably will be able to get the nearest cause he will confuse her by reciting Beowulf in Old English.

What can I say, Orihime-fans are resilent bunch. No one is more tormented by her "Kurosaki-kun" than the Orihime-fans and yet we still persist to be her fan.
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