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Originally Posted by wavehawk View Post
- And wouldn't it be terrifying when they DO try to cook valentines choco for him, then?

- Oh no, Cecillia does care--she makes her food taste just like a cookbook.

Actually, I'm thinking about choco---not sure about Houki or Ling---DEFINITELY wouldn't touch Cecillia's chocolate without at least a class-4 Radiation suit and bomb disposal unit.

Charlotte on the other hand might not be so bad (The French and Belgians know their chocolates), and whether Laura can cook or not is made moot by the fact that Charu's going to help her out anyway...
Rin is a good cook, just like Houki and Charlotte, it's just that she doesn't care about the appearance of her food(except Chinese food I think, and Chinese food doesn't exactly has the best appearance, unlike Japanese food), so her cooking ends up looking bad but taste good. Laura is a very bad cook(appearance and taste wise).
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