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- Well, Nikujaga is Japanese, but it was originally based on Steak and Potato stew. The only difference being Nikujaga has less meat than expected, so Dashi and Mirin are used to liven up the flavor--I've been practicing with it, but I find that I still put more beef than expectyed (and Dashi is expensive--wish I could make my own, but it's not that easy since I can't afford that much fresh seaweed or bonito).

And granted, stews aren't exactly much for appearances.

Actually, what type of Chinese cooking does Ling excel in? Anyone who's tried their hand at Chinese cooking more or less knows there's some major differences in flavoring and cooking style (For example: Chicken feet in Cantonese cooking and in Szechuan cooking are totally different recipes) . I'm going to take a guess and say Ling's cooking is Cantonese style.
So far she made Ramen(La mian) and Sweet and Sour Pork. I doubt the author will put that much effort in researching Chinese food just for minor things like this. As for the Niku Jaga, the bad appearance is about the potato. Some of the potato was peeled too much and end up small, and some was not peeled completely and still have some skin left inside the Niku Jaga.

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okay, now i really REALLY want to see Volume 4 adapted

i'm a sucker for the "short story" types


oh tatenashi, those delicious red leggings
Tatenashi is introduced in Vol 5, not 4.
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