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Originally Posted by Kusa-San View Post
I don't think that's the reason. For me, it's because the Kurisu who died in episode 1 was the one in the Beta/Alpha line. So I agree with Viperdk1. The first dmail that Okarin sent, made him switch to the Beta/Alpha line. That's why Kurisu is not dead in this one since it's the beta/alpha line and not one of the line of the beta/alpha.
By that logic, if they switch from the 'Alpha' line (Suzuha described the current line as the 'Alpha' line in this ep) to the 'Beta' line, Kurisu would be dead in the 'Beta' line.

Thus, Okabe would have to make a choice. Move to the 'Beta' line and save Mayuri (and kill Kurisu), or stay on the 'Alpha' line and let Mayuri die.

Ouch, that's one hell of a choice to make - and if this train of logic is true, I wouldn't envy him one bit. To make a choice between the 'love interest' (Kurisu) and your childhood friend (Mayuri)...I wouldn't be able to do that, that's for sure.
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