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Was the 1% barrier ever actually broken at all before this point? I know they've come close to it with every D-mail they've sent, but I don't think they've crossed it yet. Unless the shift in lines from Kurisu being dead to Kurisu being alive was the barrier being broken?
Suzuha says that the d-mail and time-leap can't break the barrier. The barrier could have been broken when Suzuha doesn't leave, thus the time machine(barrier breaker ) is still there. Influential people and/or objects are just as important as major events.

Originally Posted by RadiantBeam View Post
But didn't John Titor say in early episodes that death is set in stone even if you change the world lines? Because by that logic, Kurisu shouldn't have been saved.
I don't remember but maybe John referred to the "world lines" as the "threads" within the rope.
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